Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Life is fun..

Life is fun, you sit quietly at a place and watch the world running around, it's fun

Life is fun, you get up every day, run around travel, work for somebody so that he can make money and enjoy his life, and life is fun.

Life is fun, just a phone call and you get to know your loved ones have left you, without any goodbye without any reason, life is fun.

Life is fun, one day you are happy and another day you are depressed.

The essence of life is not in good days or bad days the essence of life is what you take out from life, life is fun.

So don't give up , don't get tired ,keep struggling keep fighting because you live only once and as i said life is fun..

Friday, 6 April 2012

so the life has come to a full circle, i have reached the point where it all started the pain , the happiness everything which i gained is back to square one. all this is because of a 5 letter word called karma.

Although in today's scientific world we don't believe in such things as god , or a deity which is much more powerful than us and for us science is something which will always be the most important thing , for us science is god and logic is what we believe in.

But even science believes in karma , the law of cause effect can explain karma , for every cause there is an effect and every effect is caused because of a cause.

As the newtons law explains

"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

So think before you do anything and think of the consequences it will bring in your life , because sooner or later karma police is gonna catch you

cause karma is a bitch only if you are a bitch ..

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Are u a looser or a winner!!

just randomly this thought came to my mind that what is that single thing which differentiates between a looser and a winner . y is a man successful happy and why is a man is termed as a looser . why a person gets everything that he wants and why somebody lives his life miserably . i feel that there are three things which are necessary for success




knowledge can be gathered by giving some time to it, Skill set can be achieved by giving some more time to it . But attitude is the most important factor , u have to work on it everyday ,every morning when u get up have to push yourself to achieve your goal .

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Last Will of a “Net-o-Holic”

The Last Will of a “Net-o-Holic”

1. I, the undersigned Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit a.k.a. RBKASR, a student by profession, residing in the boys hostel @Symbiosis Knowledge Village, hereby announce my Will. If any other” Will” or Wills of earlier dates are claimed to be in existence, I hereby revoke them and declare them null and void and not made by me.
2. I am in sound physical and mental health and still practising my profession. I am making this will because I do not wish to cause difficulties to my beneficiaries by dying intestate. I make this will on my own and without pressure or influence from anyone.
All though i don’t have much to give you all but just wanted to say that thanks for being my friends but whatever I have I would like it to donate it to you all.

I donate my facebook account to Prateek because he doesn’t have one, but i also declare Gaurav Bharti as his legal guardian, till he becomes an adult/matures enough to handle facebook without guidance .

I would also like to donate my linkedin profile to Rahul J Nair because he has just shifted to AD from PR and he really needs to update his linkedin network.

My twitter account should definetely go to Baishnav Hansdah ,who has helped me a lot during Clariyovance (2011), by lending me his Blackberry for tweeting ,when i wanted to participate in the contest. Although the result of this competition were never announced by the CIT.

I am also donating My google + account to Chintan Buch because he likes things which are/ have plus size

I would also like to donate my photoshop,corel draw original softwares to Chaitanya challa

Dear Mohit i have reached on the 15 level of angry birds please complete it !!!

Dear Harsh i am donating my gamepad to you and my last wish is that you beat Vaibhav in FIFA using that.

Dear Bhupinder singh you can keep " you know what"

Tanya das you can keep my yearly subscription password to football and feel happy about it.

Arjun raina for you i have an advice pls throw ur Blackberry and get a l(W)ife!

Dear Aparajita you can have my dealsand password and all those points that i have accquired .

Himanshu punjanbi, you can keep my password and id so that you can get a placement in Singapore and let THE ppl’S in india live in peace!

Saurabh jaiswal i dont have anything for you except so that u can save class time by not asking question and reading this instead

Tushar mishra can keep my motion senser which can give words to your emotions without uttering a single word

Deboleena for you i have

Something for our PR friends

Juanita Jocelyn can keep

Pune Bars & Night Clubs

Aaber for you I have

Aastha my dear jodhpur friend, for you i have

How to Lose Weight in 10 Days

Nitesh you have always been a great great friend, so for that i gift you a lifetime membership for

2. Makeup & Accessories for Men

and your hair removal cream is in my room pls take it back

Sahil raina for u , I have lots of material on my 500 gb harddisk, Take it and u wont regret.

Soumalaya , for u i leave behind all my cheat code files for FIFA and Virutal tennis

Sumit Dasgupta pls contact Aaber he will give u the link for best party jokes so that atleast for the next few months Lavale people can sleep peacefully

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A brand is a "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. The legal term for brand is trademark. A brand may identify one item, a family of items, or all items of that seller. If used for the firm as a whole, the preferred term is trade name.

Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual.

Amazed ,so whats common between a brand and a personality .well, i feel what a personality is for a human being the same is a brand for a product or a service ,how a personality effects us in deciding to talk to a person or not, in the same way a brand is associated whether to use it or not.

Its very important to guard a personality in the same way its very important to guard our brand form extrude rs , so lets see what laws of branding are applicable in terms of personality also .

Branding a human being

1. A person becomes stronger when he narrows down his focus

A person is a mix of qualities , but when he starts focusing on his strengths he becomes unbeatable , so rather than focussing on every thing its better to concentrate on your U.S.P and work on for its betterment . a perfect example can be those people who want to do so many things in life , but they don't succed because they are not focused , so rather than running around everywhere its better you wait for sometime, find out what suits you best and then go for it .


2. The more you diversify your area of specialization it becomes difficult for people to associate you ,with a specific quality and this just diminshes your hold on people .If a person is good with sports,music,studies everything but not best in anything, it will just degrade his qualities and people will forget him

for example sachin tendulkar is an excellent player but when he tok the responsibilty of the team captain ,his performance declined because he was trying to fit in everywhere

The birth of a personality or a brand should not be advertised by the person himself ,but rather it should be publicised by word of mouth or by other people or else the person is doomed . As a human being nobody likes to be branded as a dud or a boring guy but what differentiates a person from another person is that there are few people who keep boasting about themselves whereas others are marketed well by others , so the success is not just depended on your talent its also depended on how you brand yourself .

ex:- rakhi sawant could have been a succesful brand but she advertised herself rather than publicised


Once you have become a brand you have to keep advertising yourself or rather keep proving yourself so that, you are not out of mind of people and your competitors are not ahead of you in any case . and this proving yourself is not to achieve something else, but to maintain you gained position and this is what is required to do ,to maintain your leadership in the field

today apple is the best brand in the world but to remain at this position it has to proove itself again and again and thats what makes a diffrence in the world , this is the part where steve jobs keeps proving himself


In your audiences mind you should occupy a word by which they can associate you, and that word becomes your personality , for example people could associate you with words like "witty",handsome","smart" etc. what comes to your mind when i say "Maharani Gayatri devi" classy, beautiful,timeless beauty, so when you are able to create an image a word in your audiences mind you become iconic

what is important is not quality but the perception of quality . quality does plays an important role ,but its perception is more important than anything else , there are hundreds of people with the same qualities but all are not as successful as others or are not brands why ?because they are not perceived as a quality product

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Latest sensation song D.K Bose is gaining a lot of attention, because people are able to relate to it. We are always running away from aandhis (storms) in our life. It may be getting late for office and running from home or may be running away from our responsibilities ,we all are always running away from problems .So we can say we all are dk bose dk bose dk bose dk in our life and can relate to the character .

Talking about the vulgar use of words in the song, I feel that this song relates to the young generation which uses such language in daily conversation; D.K Bose is a common man who is frustrated with the problems and the only way he can to cope up with these is to run away from them .

The marketing of the song by its makers is simply incredible. The way this song has caught attention just in a week is tremendous. Aamir Khan has outdone himself this time. This song has got 320446 hits just in 5 days time after releasing it on you tube, which means 6408 hits a day, and I am sure that it will increase in the weekend, and I am not counting the no. of people who have posted it on their face book pages and promoted. It’s all about launching your product and having the entire country dance to your tunes. People connect to this song and that’s the secret behind its success.

This is the power of digital marketing and if you can make your products click to the target audience there is nothing else that you need to do ,no marketing efforts ,no P.R to be done just relax and see your products grow .

With this song our filmmakers should take a lesson, how to market a movie without big budgets .And in the recent past Indian cinema has seen a lot of small budget movies ,which are made after extensive research ,and seeing what is that audience wants rather than what the filmmakers want to show.This trend is catching attention very fast, where movies are planned after a proper market research and then the script is written ,because Indian cinema is one of the biggest business of country and this is why we need a marketers skill along with a cinematographers creativity .

The time is not very far when Indian cinema will compete with so called “HOLLYWOOD” till that time just enjoy your morning walk with D.K BOSE( MBA )

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

ek muddat ke baad teri yaad aayi

ek muddat ke baad aaj phir teri yaad aayi!
ek muddat ke baad aaj phir teri yaad aayi!!
tere min gum to na hai par haan hai thori tanhaai..

lafzon se kaise kare byaan dastaan -e wahshat
aaj bhi hoti hai dil mein ishq se dehshat

waqt katta hai sirf tere aane ki umeed mein
aas hai khuda se ke shayad ho tu ab bhi meri taqdeer mein

mohabbat ke jashn ke baad aati hogi aesi siyaah raat
kash hota humein iskaa ehsaas to shayad na hoti aise baat

ek muddat ke baad aaj phir teri yaad aayi!
ek muddat ke baad aaj phir teri yaad aayi!!
tere bin gum to na hai par haan hai thori tanhaai ...

bas umeed hai khuda se tumhara ghar aabad rahe
humara kya kya hai hum to hamesha se barbaad rahe

ek musafir ki tarah aaye the hum tumhare desh mein
chale jayenge ek maflook ke bhesh mein...

har kisi ki kismat mein nahi hoti hai khudaai
humne to wafa dekar payi hai bewafai

ek muddat ke baad aaj phir teri yaad aayi!
ek muddat ke baad aaj phir teri yaad aayi!!
tere min gum to na hai par haan hai thori tanhaai..